Sisters That Inspire Us

Theta Psi prides itself on being a chapter of women that push each other to do their best and be their best every single day. No matter what comes our way we know our sisters will be there for us and that is why we asked our members which sisters inspire them. 

Alyson Frey 

Alyson Frey is my best friend! She inspires me every day because she has such a positive outlook on life and always sees the best in people! I don't know what I would do without her. - Ali Bridge

Caroline Mottur and Mariah Madain

Mariah and Caroline are the best neighbors and always have the best smiles - Julie Missry 

Cassie Orkin 

Cassie inspires me to be a leader and embrace my passions- Liani Tobia 

Colleen Lowe

Colleen inspires me to always be there for my sisters- Liani Tobia 

Kaly Schwartz

​Kaly inspires me every day to seek positivity everywhere I go. - Emma Creamer 

Cameron Burkholder

Cameron is always super positive and she goes out of her way to help others! - Cassie Orkin 

Elise Warren

Elise is constantly a strong leader for us and is sweet as every 24/4 -Colleen Lowe 

Bridgette Barbour

Bridgette inspires me to be ADVENTUROUS - Liani Tobia 

Ali Bridge and Alyson Frey 

Alyson and Ali are both vert inspiring to me because they are always there for each other and are always willing to help out any sister that needs it - Abby Payha

Michele Sullivan 

Michele inspires me because she always knows just how to make me feel better - Julie Mendelson 

Sam Gordon

Sam always inspires me because of her hard work and dedication to school and her friends! - Julianna Cox 

Amanda Jepson


Amanda radiates such positivity and is such a great leader. I am lucky to call her my best friend. - Lauren Bonus

Morgan Sawyer

Morgan inspires me to love life and chase after my goals! - Julianna Cox 

Rachel Runatz 

Rachel is a true friend and inspires me to be a better person every day - Cami Grief

Cami Grief 

​Came gets me through nursing school, couldn't do it without her! - Rachel Runatz